We combine the experience of international business professionals with the expertise of local specialists

Our core team members all have more than 10 years personal experience of establishing and running business in Romania.

We manage your project and collaborate with a wide range of specialised alliance partners to fulfil your every need, regardless of industry.

Pontus relocated from Sweden to Romania 2010 and have since both held senior leadership positions at major international companies as well as supporting new business startups and development as independent management consultant.
Pontus portrait

Pontus Stjernfeldt

Founder & Managing Partner
Anca is a seasoned Bucharest real estate broker and one of Northstar's founding partners.
She takes care of our corporate clients needs for commercial property lease or purchase as well as residential needs of individuals relocating to Romania.

Anca Prodan

Partner & Head of Real Estate
Cristiana profile

Cristiana Coman

Associate Partner & Head of Operations

Daniel Theander

Associate partner & Head of Client Success

Fredrik Larson

Senior Advisor & Advanced Industry and Business Decvelopment
Mihaela has a masters degree in law from Bucharest University and has since 2010 been running her own law firm, Furtuna Lawyers, specializing in commercial and criminal law.
In addition to leading her own law firm, Mihaela also serves a Northstar's in-house general counsel.

Mihaela Furtuna

General Counsel
Raluca is a licensed Romanian accountant and leads the team that manages all Nortstar's clients business administration.

Raluca Sirbu

Business Administration

Razvan Ilinca

Content Production