Discover the potential of Romania

Why stop at creating a Romanian company just to benefit from the lower costs and tax? Let us help you explore the many and great potentials of the country!

The core team at NorthStar has long and broad experience of business and management consulting and with more than 10 years of presence in Romania focusing on international business and investment we have developed a wide network across more or less every relevant industry in the country.

Get in touch a free consultation and explore how we can help you regardless of your type of business. The following are just a few examples of where were our team and partners have particularly strong experience.

Real Estate

Whether you are interested in commercial or residential properties, new development or legacy, the Romanian real estate market offers exciting investment opportunities with prices still relatively low compared to other EU states, with good yield and a strong value development over time.

Information technology

Romania has one of Europes strongest pools of tech talent and a rich landscape of tech companies stretching from traditional services to leading edge R&D.
Whether you are looking to outsource your IT project, source talent or invest in one of the markets many exciting startups, Romania is definitely a destination to look towards.


Romania has very strong tradition of manufacturing across a broad field of industries. Among many, some of the most notable are automotive, petrochemicals, electronics, textile and fashion, lumber and furniture.
Clients come here both to source products for their retail or wholesale business, to invest or establish contract manufacturing or simply ask our support to broker relations with potential clients of their services.


A relatively low salary level in combination with good access to a young educated workforce with excellent foreign language skills (English especially) makes Romania suitable for placing some of your remote services, whether you outsource it to one of the many specialised service provider companies in the country or look to recruit and establish your own service center.

Toursim and hospitality

Romania is a hidden gem in Europe! It's stunning nature offers both seaside and mountain and can be enjoyed both summer and winter season. A significant growth in international tourism is forecasted for the next 5 years which offers many interesting investment and business opportunities.
And let's not forget that the locals are a life loving people that spend a remarkable share of their income on holidays, eating out and entertainment!

Agriculture and food

Romania has one of the best soils and climate for agriculture in Europe as well as a strong connected industry of food and beverage.
You will find excellent investment and business opportunities whether you are looking to invest in agricultural land, set up production, source produce or sell equipment or expert services to a still developing industry.