Why own a Romanian company?

Our typical client has business activity that is not bound to a specific geographical location (e.g consultants, artists or owners of an online business), and they choose Romania as the base of their operations for:

Competitive cost of operations
Good access to educated and skilled talent at competitive cost if you would like to place some of your labor force in Romania
Great investment opportunities in one of Europes fastest growing economies
1% tax for companies with €0.5 million or less in annual revenue
8% tax on dividends to owner, paid from the Romanian entity

We also serve clients from more conventional brick and mortar business, and support them to design and implement solutions that allows them to partly enjoy the benefits of Romania, while fully complying with laws and regulations in their main country of business.

Get it right from the beginning

Providing our clients with a full service to create a Romanian legal entity is the very core of our service portfolio. We have designed our process to let you focus only on the key business decisions and let us take care of all practical and administrative issues, without you even having to set foot in Romania.

Our service go beyond a simple incorporation. With your business needs as the focal point, our experienced consultants help you design how your Romanian entity will function in your total business context, in order to create maximum value for you.

From €3,495 for full service incorporation including business consultation

The process - from idea to finalisation in 3 weeks!

Free consultation

One of our consultants will work with you to understand your business needs and scope a project.

Agree assignment

You decide based on our proposal if you wish to start a project together with us.
You pay nothing before this point.

Design the solution

Based on our extensive experience we create a full business solution that meets your objectives.

Submit documentation

We will need you to provide documents and declarations required by Romanian law for incorporating a legal entity.

Incorporate your new company

We take full care of all required interactions with Romanian authorities to incorporate your new entity.

Set up accountant mandates

You will assign mandate to one of our accountants to manage your financial reporting and certain relations with bank.

Open bank accounts

We will propose you options of recommended banks which we have good personal experience with and which will assign you a personal banker.

Finalise the project

Your Romanian business entity is fully operational and all set to generate savings and increased net profit