Enjoy the benefits of a Romanian company by relocating all or parts of your activities here

  • Low cost of business administration
  • Qualified talent and services at competitive cost
  • Great investment opportunities in one of Europe’s fastest growing economies
  • 1% corporate tax for companies <$500K annual revenue
  • 8% tax on owners dividends

Why work with us?

Personal service

We are genuinely passionate about business and take great joy in personally catering to your every need and be part of your success story.

Great value on services

In addition to incorporating and administrating your Romanian company for you, Northstar Group offers a wide range of business development services at great value for money by leveraging the lower cost of operations of our professional teams within e.g. content production, social media management, marketing, product sourcing, real estate services and more.

Internationals with local experience

We are a team of international business professionals from different industries with the one thing in common that we all have 10 years or more personal experience of living and doing business in Romania.

Vetted local experts

Our lawyers, accountants, bank contacts and other service providers are all handpicked based on our personal good experience from employing their services.
You can trust that your business administration is in the best possible hands!

Pontus Stjernfeldt

The founder and managing partner of NorthStar Alliance relocated to Romania from Sweden in 2010 and has helped clients and business partners achieve the full potential of their business, for over a decade.

Let us answer some common questions

To own a Romanian company as a foreigner you do not have to personally reside in the country, but can can be up to 100% owner and administrator of the company regardless of domicile.

As an owner of a Romanian company though, there could be benefits for you personally to consider applying for Romanian residency. We can advice you on potential benefits and support you in the process of attaining residency.

You are fully entitled as a foreign citizen and resident to own a Romanian entity that sells products and services to clients globally.

Our service assures that you as owner and your Romanian company comply with all laws and tax regulations in Romania.

We can provide general, but not legal, advice based on our experience , but we can however not take responsibility for how your country of residence and/or citizenship will view your tax liabilities in that country for activities carried out by your Romanian company or how you will have to tax in your home country on dividends and other benefits you as owner will receive.

We advice all our clients to also seek legal advice by a domestic tax specialist in their country of residence and citizenship.

With current rules and procedures you are not required to travel to Romania neither for the incorporation of your company nor for ongoing declarations and interaction with Romanian authorities.

If you opt to use an online neo-bank (e.g. Revolut Business) you don't have to travel to Romania, whereas conventional bank requires physical presence of you for initial bank account openings.

There are basically two ways:

As owner you can pay yourself dividends after the closing of a fiscal year and correlated with the declared annual profit of the company. The company will pay 8% dividends tax to Romanian state and you as an individual are not liable to pay tax on the dividends in Romania. As a foreign citizen and resident however, your home country may require you to declare that as personal income and comply with tax laws of that country. When in doubt, we advice you to seek legal advice from a tax specialist in your country of residence and citizenship.

The company can enjoy 1% tax on revenue if it fulfils one of the following conditions;

  • Employs a romanian resident on at least a minimum Romanian salary
  • Has a Romanian resident Director/Administrator of the company registered as unpaid but working (in which case only social contribution is paid to the state)

We specialise in supporting foreign companies and entrepreneurs to fully capitalise on the cost and tax benefits of a Romanian micro enterprise, while still operating legally and safe in a international business context.

We are confident to state that we are the leading and the best firm in Romania with this speciality and deep knowledge of international tax laws.


You pay for our experience and solutions, not for getting a Romanian company. The company as such is merely a component in the total solution to deliver you significant savings on tax and operating costs.

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